Ghost town of Ezprogui - Heredad Beragu Hotel Rural en Gallipienzo - Navarra Ghost town of Ezprogui - Heredad Beragu Hotel Rural en Gallipienzo - Navarra

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Ghost town of Ezprogui

May towns never die!

In the Lands of Javier there is a beautiful natural refuge comprised of two towns (Moriones and Ezprogui) and the unpopulated areas of Gardalian, Guetadar, Julio, Loya, Arteta, Sabaiza, Irangoiti and Usunbelz. Even though years ago these places were full of life, people have been slowly moving out, turning these places into ghost towns. Even though there are barely any neighbours left in these areas, their memory must not be forgotten; this is why it is important to promote local tourism, because we have truly beautiful hidden nooks like these to discover. 


In the surrounding area we will make our first stop at the Ethnographic Museum in Arteta, where we will see a multitude of items and collections of old utensils from the 30s and 40s and the Trujal Project, a place of remembrance of the local agriculture and olives. Also, the homes of sillarejo is an area that characterises these towns and a curious place to visit.


If we continue on our tour we will visit the ruins of Sta. Marina located just 1km from Ayesa. We arrive there after a less than 15 minute walk from the town of Ayesa. On the high ground we can see the trench that protected the town’s fort.

If you enjoy nature, this area is ideal since it has spots with incredible views where we can unwind and disconnect for a few hours.

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