Majestic nature, centuries of history and a rich and diverse gastronomy surround Heredad Beragu.

The rural hotel Heredad Beragu is located in the small Gallipienzo region, 55 kilometres from Pamplona in the Sangüesa area. Constructed in the medieval style, the Roman bridge and the remains of the old castle as well as the churches of San Pedro and San Salvador are a must. The latter is of Gothic style and houses paintings of great value, as well as the late Romanesque style crypt of Santa Margarita.

As far as its natural environment is concerned, the bird observatory deserves special mention from which visitors can see the Aragon River Gorge and the Kaparreta Nature Reserve.

Guests of Heredad Beragu cannot miss the towns of Ujué, Sangüesa, Ayesa, Lerga or San Martín de Unx. Of course, we cannot neglect to mention the extensive kilometres of vineyards and their famous wineries which produce some of the best wines in Navarra, as well as the majestic natural landscapes of places like Foz de Lumbier.


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