One month ago, Heredad Beragu Hotel opened its doors and welcomed its first guests who arrived on horseback. Do you remember them?

llegada a caballoThese were our first steps. Until then, a long working and business experience had made us feel safe but … some drama and panic were inevitable. I guess this happens to everyone who opens the door of their lives to something new. The inauguration came days later. We had a great time in good company and everything worked well thanks to a “driving force” who also has great patience in teaching me how this blog works. It’s called WordPress or something like that. And then the weekend arrived … Wow, what a rush … we almost hung up the “full” sign! Lots of nerves, last minute details … it was very fun, really.

We know what we like. We love people, we like to be hosts, we like to share our house and our town with visitors who come to this hidden corner of the Bajas Montañas of Navarra. Many guests have already spent a few days at Heredad Beragu Hotel and this is an example of what they have said about the hotel.


Customer feedback:

“Incredible rural hotel in an incomparable place. If you like accommodation with a warm, quiet and welcoming atmosphere, this is the place to be. The service of the owners is exquisite and friendly. The kitchen, with products from the land, is just as good. A highlight is the wonderful breakfast which is eaten while enjoying spectacular views. The price-quality ratio is more than acceptable. It’s an experience more than positive. Thank you Patxi and Ramón for your hospitality. We’ll be back for sure”.

“The hotel is wonderful. The views from the dining room, and our room were stunning. Lots of light, tasteful decoration and personal and excellent service. It has been a pleasure and it will not be the last visit”. Mila esker
“Good luck with this adventure!”

Hotel comments from “Hoteles con encanto (Charm Hotels)”:

Our June list comes with an unusual entry, one of the hotels that most surprised us in recent years. Surprised us for its architectural style, its beautiful isolation, and the extreme kindness of its owners. In short, for its infinite details, Heredad Beragu Hotel is destined to be one of the charming meccas of new tourism. And Navarra is ready to set the stage.

Thanks to our customers for their comments. Thank you @fernandogallardo for your visit and your comments. Thanks to everyone: friends, family, colleagues. Thank you all for showing interest in and following us which is why we are in 3rd place of the “Hotels with Charm” ranking for the month of June. Thank you for this “one-month anniversary” gift.

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