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Aibar and the mountain range of Izco

Aibar and the mountain range of Izco Located just a few kilometres from the town of Atalaya we find another town like Aibar, also of medieval origin, where we can spend the day carrying out different activities. We can visit … Read More

Hundreds of unforgettable experiences beckon at Heredad Beragu Hotel, resorts and residences. Find your next perfect momento. Cientos de experiencias inolvidables atraen a Heredad Beragu Hotel, resorts y residencias. Encuentra tu próximo momento perfecto.

Ghost town of Ezprogui

Ghost town of Ezprogui May towns never die! In the Lands of Javier there is a beautiful natural refuge comprised of two towns (Moriones and Ezprogui) and the unpopulated areas of Gardalian, Guetadar, Julio, Loya, Arteta, Sabaiza, Irangoiti and Usunbelz. … Read More