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Lumbier and its canyon

Lumbier and its canyon In Navarre we are lucky to have many enchanting nooks and natural areas. Precisely at the entrance to the Region, at just a few kilometres from Gallipienzo, we find Lumbier, a small town of Roman origin. … Read More

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Liédena, a place with many hidden nooks

Liédena, a place with many hidden nooks Located adjacent to Lumbier we find Liédena, a charming town with a lot of natural wealth.   If we decide to visit this town on a warm day, for our first stop we … Read More

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Yesa and its reservoir: town with a view of the Pyrenean Sea

Yesa and its reservoir: town with a view of the Pyrenean Sea Located between the mountains is the town of Yesa, which is characterised for its emblematic water reservoir. The Yesa reservoir is perfect for relaxing on a warm day … Read More

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Sos Del Rey Católico

Sos del Rey Católico   A wonderful visit!   Sos del Rey Católico is a town located in the northern part of the province of Aragon, on the border with the Autonomous Community of Navarre. This town is known for … Read More

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Roncal And Salazar Valleys

RONCAL AND SALAZAR VALLEYS Located in the north, at the foot of the Navarre Pyrenees and nearly one hour from Gallipienzo, we find some of the greenest and known nooks of Navarre, the valleys of Roncal and Salazar. Known for … Read More